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Christian Dior - Tips & Advice

Christian Dior

Lee McBride has been Christian Dior counter Manager at Hourstons for two years.  She is a qualified Beauty Therapist having trained at James Watt College where she was awarded the prize of Facial Therapist of the year by the college.

Tell us a bit about Christian Dior?

Parfums Christian Dior is a brand of enchantment that continues to work its spells in all of the brand creations from fashion to beauty.  Dior make-up invites women to play with their appearance, while the fragrances reveal every facet of beauty of a women's personality and the skincare offers women the pleasure of feeling beautiful and feminine every day.  In 1955 Christian Dior created his first lipstick, since then more than 600 shades have been developed.  The first fragrance, Miss Dior, was produced in 1947 and since then over 20 have been produced for men and women.  One of Dior's core values is that luxury is a promise of happiness, and that is what we strive to achieve on a daily basis.

What 3 products should we buy from you?

Obviously recommendation of products depends on my client individual needs and requirements.  However, if I were to choose three products that are must buys for someone aged 35 and above, it would be three award winning products.  First, Captive Totale Intensive Night Restorative Cream winner of Marie Claire prix, D'excellence De La Beaute 2008.  This renewing night treatment corrects all visible signs of ageing wrinkles, loss of firmness or radiance and complexion irregularities.  The skin is nourished and restored, intensively smoothed, firmed and luminous, it simply regains perfection.  Upon waking the skin is more beautiful, fresh and radiant.

Secondly, Capture Totale new Serum Foundation winner of Grazia Anti Ageing Foundation of the year.  This is the first serum foundation with a global anti-ageing action.  Capture Totale is a new generation foundation, it combines a unique patented texture with the best active skincare ingredients for an exceptional make-up result and proven anti-ageing action.  Inspired by high definition television technology Capture Totale foundation evens out the complexion and enhances radiance so that the skin appears flawless, yet entirely natural even close up.  This amazing foundation comes in 6 shades.

My third choice is Dior Show Mascara winner 2008 Instyle Best Beauty Buys, simply because it dresses the eyes giving the lashes spectacular volume. 

What is your favourite product from Dior?

My favourite product from Dior has got to be Dior Airfresh Foundation because you simply need a quick spray and you're on your way to a naturally radiant dream come true complexion. 

As it's a spray it lets you customise your coverage, it is extremely easy to apply with no need for blending.  It's as if your skin has been airbrushed to perfection, and the radiance it gives your skin is amazing. 

If you haven't already tried Airfresh come and see me for a demonstration you will love it!

What are your skin care tips?

For maximum efficiency, I recommend the use of a care programme which consists of a serum, a moisturiser and an eye cream. 

A serum works to protect the skin cells, strengthen the skin and boost the effect of a moisturiser it should be applied morning and evening beneath your moisturiser. 

A moisturiser is an essential element of your skincare ritual.  According to your needs, it will help protect your skin against aging or help restore the water balance of your skin.  Your skin will be left feeling incredibly supple and full of vitality. 

The skin around your eye is more fragile than the rest of your face and therefore is the first area to reveal the signs of aging.  It needs to be treated gently and with specific products.  An eye cream combats aging and eye puffiness and leaves the eye area feeling smooth, fresh and radiant. 

I would also recommend using a night moisturiser.  Your skin is more receptive to treatment during the night, as it is the time when it is resting and repairing.  A night cream will contribute to enhance results.

What about make-up - what tips can you give us re colour/application?

Foundation is best applied with a foundation brush is gives a more professional finish and you'll find you won't use as much of the product. Foundation application should also include eyelids and lips to create a base for the make-up and ensure a lasting result.  To give a natural appearance, apply Dior skin care transparent under your foundation on the shiny areas only.

On your eyes, before working with dark colours place loose powder under the eye area, this will catch any shadow that may fall and can then be easily swept away.  In order to apply the correct amount of colour remove any excess shadow from the brush beforehand by taping it on the back of your hand.  Light shades reflect the light and enhance features, dark shades absorb light and create depth.  Build up the colour light shades should be applied first followed by the darker shades. 

To achieve a very long lasting effect, blot lipstick and brush on some transparent loose powder.  Re-apply a second coat of lipstick.  To create a harmonious and balanced make-up look opt for a soft coloured lipstick with strong eye make-up and a more intense vibrant lipstick shade with light eye make-up.  To create greater volume add luminosity to lips apply lip-gloss over lipstick.

What should a girl not leave the house without (on her face)?

Dior Show Mascara, Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect Lip-gloss and J'adore Purse Spray!


They say the eyes are the window to your soul they can say a lot about a person, so they should be dressed with the best.  This award winning mascara provides the lashes with spectacular volume.  It thickens and curls the lashes in one easy sweep with an extra large brush you set a false eyelash result, available in three shades black, chestnut brown and azure blue. 

Now that you have dresses your eyes it would be a pity to neglect your lips, don't panic Dior is at your rescue with Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect which offers lips that shine with desire.  This gloss will provide your lips with dramatic reflection, shine and maximum volume.  It is fragrance free, fresh upon application with a comfortable non-stocky film.  It is available in 12 shades in a range of finishes from sheer to multi-dimension reflex. 

J'adore Purse Spray - It is said "The Dior woman is a queen, radiant in her beauty the magnetism of her eyes, the way she moves, her personality, she knows how to turn heads her aura is always unforgettable".

Dior fragrances are dedicated to this triumphant femininity.  J'adore is a couture fragrance for all conquering women with the power to set hearts on fire.  J'adore Eau de Parfum is a timeless, floral, fruity, bouquet - femininity beyond words, don't leave the house without the new purse spray elegantly packaged in an ultra modern yet classic gold case, perfect size for slipping into the smallest of handbags.  I personally can't leave the house without mine.  I am totally addicted to the beauty of this fragrance and it makes me feel more feminine even on a bad hair day. 

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